Hiring the right people makes all the difference.


Why Choose Human Resources
Service Company

Your people are your greatest resource. Treating your employees fairly and providing them with opportunities to grow will help you achieve your ideas and hit your business goals. This is something that Markham Resources will help you achieve by recognising the importance of understanding our candidates goals, assessing skills, character and career ambitions discussed at a one to one interview.


A human resources service company is an integral part of many businesses. It carries out essential functions, such as hiring and retaining the best possible employees, staying on top of labor laws, managing compensation and benefits, and promoting employee development — all vital to the smooth running of a company.
People Cohesion

People Cohesion

Within a team atmosphere, having a cohesive workplace allows employees to work well together and feel they contribute to the overall success of the group. When employees are in a cohesive work environment, they focus more on the group goals than their individual success, becoming motivated by the team's efforts.
Our Strategy

Our Strategy

“You are valued. Your voice is important. As a team with a huge range of different backgrounds, ways of thinking, and varied experiences, we want each and every one of you to feel that you belong, are included, and can thrive. We care about you and your well-being. Because it’s when you feel at your best that you can do your best.”

Who we are

Human Resources Service

We have best consultants, experienced employees in our organizations with comprehensive services.

Strategic Partners

Our Strategic Partner are that special role of HR is success business.

Corporate Program

Corporate Programs are add HR advisers function to success business.

Benefits of working with Markham Resources Ltd

Reach the very best people

Forward-thinking attraction methods cover the market

Perfect fit for your business

Candidates fully vetted against all requirements

Fast placement

Reduced time to hire with our targeted approach

We also offer staffing in various industries.

Why choose our services


We support Hotels, Events Venues, Stadia and Restaurants.

Health Care

Markham Resources Ltd., delivers customized solutions and a wide range of staffing services to healthcare organizations of all sizes. 


When you need janitorial and cleaning staff for your business, we provide qualified workers across all work shifts. Our workers are trustworthy, dependable and detailed-oriented, which means they can meet all cleaning standards and provide prompt, courteous service for your clients.

Your choice of talent solutions

Choose the best fit for you

Contract Talent

Hire skilled professionals on long-term assignments.

Permanent Placement

Add full-time employees — early- to mid-career or executive level.

Managed solutions

Access deep consulting expertise or specialised project teams to solve business challenges.

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